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Below are a few samples of recent projects I've worked on for creatives just like you!



Evergreen Launch

Joyce of Write Pretty Things

Why did we do this project? Joyce was moving away from actively supporting her courses and wanted to revamp her existing welcome sequences to be more timeless. 


Custom Email Templates

Sumhr of PollyAnn Collections

Why did we do this project? Sumhr was just getting started building her email list and wanted her Mailchimp email templates to reflect her brand.

Email List Audit 

Becky Mollenkamp

Why did we do this project? Becky was preparing to relaunch her flagship money mindset course and wanted to know how to adjust her email strategy in preparation for a successful launch.

Membership Nurture


Why did we do this project? If you have a subscription based product or a refund it's normal that some of your members will fall off, or churn. This project engages students in the beginning of their Skillcrush journey to discourage churning.

Shopify Development + Website Copy

GW Entertainment

Why did we do this project? GW Entertainment is hosting multiple events over Super Bowl 2019 weekend in Atlanta and needed a hub for sponsorship, ticket purchase, and informtion for all of the weekend's events.

More info coming soon!


joyce gutierrez, write pretty things, creative coach, coach for creatives

What result did we want at the beginning?

Joyce was in the process of revamping her services. She had grown from beig a side-hustling calligrapher → full-time course creator →business coach for creatives. She knew she would be devoting most of her time to coaching clients but didn't want to continue to earn revenue from her sought after existing courses.

What was the strategy?

  • Completed an email list audit (see Becky's project for more details).
  • Expanded the Welcome Sequence for the Brush Calligraphy Bootcamp from 3 to 7 emails incorporating engaging content topics pulled from the email list audit.
  • Revamped the opt-in/welcome sequence for Watercolor Bootcamp. I updated email content to highlight was previously most engaging and incorporated successful student testimonials.

What were the results?

We ended up with two engaging sequences that repelled uninterested leads and spoke directly to the target audience. And now I'm working on another evergreen sequence for her creative coaching business ;-) 

What did Joyce say?

"I feel like my email sequences make more sense now. They flow better and speak to my audience more... Thank you for the fast turn around times and quick replies on chat. " 


pollyann collection

What result did we want at the beginning?

Sumhr knew exactly what she wanted her emails to look like but she just didn't have the time to figure out how to do it in Mailchimp.

What was the strategy?

  • Translate .jpg design files to Mailchimp templates.
  • Created a delivery video to show Sumhr how to use the 3 templates in the future.

What did Sumhr say?

"You are absolutely AMAZING! I love how the templates came out and the tutorial video is beyond helpful for me as I have zero experience in coding, etc. I am so glad I found you!! "


becky mollenkamp

What result did we want at the beginning?

Becky was preparing to relaunch her Money Mindset course and was unsure of if her email strategy was prepared for it. She cleansed her list post-GDPR and wanted to make sure she was appropriately approachg her tight-knit, engaged group. 

What was the strategy?

  • Traffic source audit. I reviewed Google Analytics to see how traffic was getting to her website and where to focus her marketing energy in the future.
  • Email sequence audit. I reviewed the existing email workflows a new lead would experience. The goal was to make sure each email had 1 topic, 1 CTA (call to action). As far as flow, I reviewed each email to make sure it was pushing the lead towards the main goal of the sequence (purchasing one of her intro courses).
  • Email tech audit. I gave suggestion on setting up workflows opt-in forms to make it easier for her to pull data in the future and test the health of any future strategies. 
  • Nurture email audit. I reviewed the content of the past 3 months of emails to determine what content leads were most engaged with (based on opens and clicks). I made suggestions on frequency and send times based on previous emails. 

What were the results?

I was doing all the things to grow my email list (an opt-in, social media promotions, blogging, etc.), but I didn't really know what was working and what wasn't. That meant I didn't know how to best focus my time and efforts for the greatest return on investment. Having an email list audit by Aleia changed everything. Now, I am much more clear on which efforts are delivering the greatest return, so I double down in those areas. Plus, now that I know what's not working, I can stop certain activities and tweak others to boost engagement. Having a clear plan of attack reduces my stress and helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

-Becky Mollenkamp



What result did we want at the beginning?

We wanted to get students excited about their courses so they would stick around longer. We didn't want to assume that we know they would get excited about so we surveyed them.

What was the strategy?

  • Analyzed existing student feedback.
  • Surveyed 200 students to determine what kind of support they wanted from the team.
  • We analyzed the survey and determined we needed the a 4 email sequence to offer more resources on difficult concepts. 
  • I created the sequence with support from the team (illustration & copyediting).

What were the results?

Churn decreased by 30% before and after the sequence was installed and we're continuing to apply the strategy across other courses.


I am an email marketing copywriter who crafts email marketing and tech funnels for busy creatives who don’t have time to figure out where all the pieces go.  

I am a word and data nerd who loves getting in the weeds and coming back and presenting you the goods. With a degree in Creative Writing, I've found a way to blend my love for nice things to create experiences that move customers and clients into action. That equals more profits into your pockets so you can spend more time serving your people.  

As a bonus, I'm a rum aficionado who loves working with people who think business should be fun and profitable!

It’s your turn to build your dream business. And your dream life.

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