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What is the Influencers Corner?

The Influencers Corner is a video series that discusses how coaches, mentors, masterminds, and building your tribe (from the top up) can accelerate your business. This 11-part series will air from July 6th – July 17th.  Sign-up for access to the exclusive content.

Free access to the videos has expired but access is available in The Freelance Library, a freelance resource subscription library for creatives.

Who will you Find in the Influencers Corner?

Jessica Rasdall | Aleia Walker | Influencers Corner

Who is Aleia Walker?

aleia walker | influencers corner

Hi! I am Aleia Walker, a web developer + freelance mentor helping creatives quit their day jobs to build the careers of their day dreams.

Three years ago, I was an unhappy corporate drone. I did not feel valued at work and no one missed when I was gone. I knew that something needed to change, so I started looking for skills that would make me more attractive – skills that would let me quit my full-time job and work on my own terms.

I tested out a few side hustles: Calligraphy, woodworking, business writing, and social media strategy to name a few until settling on web development and design and it’s now one of my greatest passions!

It wasn’t an easy journey and I did not have limitless funds or time – so I made sure I could learn and apply a lot in a little time, with little money. Six months after starting to learn new skills, I started freelancing. And a year later, I quit my full-time job. And I feel like I provide value to someone every damn day.

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