What is the Freelance Plan?

May 2, 2017

So. I’m obsessed with Instagram Stories. I love sharing daily freelance tips so much that I gorget I sound like Alvin the chipmunk.

Mostly, because I’m obsessed with video. I work alone from home so sometimes I just need to see and hear people live and in living color. I need video to make up for my lack of daily human interaction. For example, if you ask me for a meeting, I’m probably going to suggest a virtual chat via Google Hangouts or Zoom. I’ll never ask for a phone call because they ick me out and I need to see your face and read your body language. and I’m an So I’ve taken to talking to the screen in order to feel less alone and encourage people to trust me. I want to be more than words on a page.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see any of my Instagram stories, find @msaleia on Instagram and listen to me talk about everything from pricing as a freelancer to scheduling your days. And sometimes I sneak in a moment to let you know what life is really like as a freelancer (think boozy lunches, late nights working, and lamenting over Atlanta traffic).

The Freelance Tips I share in Instagram Stories are exactly what you would have access to as a member of the Freelance Plan program, the 1-on-1 mentoring program that I launched yesterday (woo-hoo). So I created a series for Instagram Stories to explain exactly what the Freelance Plan is, what you’ll get, and who it is for.

The series boils it all down to the key facts and shares the bonuses available to the first three purchases of the program this month. I felt the story needs to live longer than 24 hours, which is why I’ve included it below for you to take a peek at.

Let me know what you think!

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