How Powersheets and My Tribe have Changed my Business

July 31, 2017
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I’m in the middle of a very hectic season of life.

And I love it.

Hectic. Crazy. Overwhelmed. That’s what it looks like from the outside (anndddd sometimes feels like) but I’m working towards something. And all of my efforts are working directly towards my goals. I’ve said no to a lot of things. And put a lot of things on the back burner. And even more on the back back burner.

I’ve feel a lot better about working towards my goals for two key reasons getting outside perspective + Powersheets.

Before setting big picture goals, my days were guided by to-do lists which created on whims. Find a new article to read – I see your one article and raise you 10 (or 20). Heard about a new Pinterest strategy? Implement it now.

Reach out to influencers and write a blog post featuring advice from 31 of them? And then a month later record and edit 11 videos featuring a ton of advice? Never ← things like that don’t happen via post-its and without larger overarching goals. And a tribe of people to ask if your thing is even working/worth it.

My Tribe

My tribe (you know who you are and I ❤️ you ladies) brought outside perspective to my business that has been so incredibly helpful. What is this outside perspective thing I speak of? It’s the magical thing that happens when you ask people if they like/understand what you’re doing and then decide if you should keep doing it.

Thinking about launching a new program? Ask your prospective clients. Wondering whether you should use Asana or Trello? Ask your business friends. Without outside perspective, you’re doing this all alone in your bubble. You could be doing things wrong or too soon and end up wasting your precious time or even money.

Before joining a coaching program. It was Aleia and Aleia alone in her business, not knowing what to do next. I wanted to do all the things and have been blessed to find a tribe that constantly tells me to slow down. And I love them to pieces for it.

I’m “on my own right now” (business friends are not far away) – but not for long. Most likely, I’m going to at least pursue a mastermind program before the year is out because being surrounded by creativepreneurs is a serious passion of mine. I feel like I get better by osmosis and actually take away a ton when I put myself in the hot seat and lay out all the things buzzing around in my head.

I’m not the only one who feels this way! My friend Nevica Vazquez is all about using masterminds to help grow your business and community. She has some great tools on starting your own mastermind and facilitates masterminds as well. Here’s her definition of mastermind groups.


Organization is one of my love languages. I love very differently so I’ll never teach a course on it – but it’s a love language nonetheless. My computer folders have great-great-great-grandchildren but my ideas live on notebooks and post-its spread across my office, nightstand, and car. I realized this year that my “organization” system is more organized chaos than useful. So I switched it up. My goals went from massive sticky notes to Powersheets.

What are Powersheets? Only the most grace-fueled goal setting system ever. Powersheets are all about setting attainable goals and then gearing your life towards meeting those goals. You’re encouraged to list personal and professional goals – when you’re a business owner they co-mingle most of the time anyway.

Each quarter, you set overarching goals and each month you set monthly, weekly, and daily goals that tie directly into those overarching goals. The idea is that you should only put your heart and time into things that are going to move you forward aka ‘cultivate what matters’. If working on your marketing strategy is not on your goal list, don’t hire a Facebook Ads Manager that quarter. You set 10 other goals work towards those.

And goals are not written lightly. There’s a ton of pre-work when you first open your Powersheets and monthly pre-work from then on. Powersheets have helped me be so much more intentional in growing my biz and have also offered me an opportunity to keep in touch with my Tribe. We check in once a week to show what progress we’ve made and what support we need. Our formal coaching program has ended so it’s great to find a way to continue to pour into these ladies and be poured into.

Pre-Powersheets, my goals were in a random Google Sheets file that I didn’t have to look at everyday. And my routine tasks were sometimes written down, supposedly remembered, and frequently forgotten. Now, my goals are generally within arms reach, slapping me in my face and forcing me to remember.

Unfortunately, the 2017 set is sold out but you can spend time with all of the other people who love Powersheets like Amber HousleyAshlyn Carter, and Kirsten Thompson.

Before my Tribe and Powersheets

My goals were ‘good ideas’ or ‘nice to haves.’ There wasn’t an actual path to reaching those goals. Sure, eventually I would have worked something out but I’ve turned eventually into now instead of some random time I decide to make a concerted effort to grow.

What’s helping you grow right now? Are you in podcast heaven soaking up all the goodness delivered there? Found a new product you’re in la-la-la-love with that is doing everything for you? Or did you just find the perfect eyebrow pencil to have your eyebrows looking pristine on your new YouTube channel?

I’d love to hear your favorite organization/goal setting/kick you out of your rut tool, comment below.