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Does the idea of handing in your 2-weeks notice make you giddy?

Courses are awesome at teaching skills. And so are all 10 webinars that you’ve registered for (and probably not) watched this month. Or the 10 freebies that you’ve downloaded.

But sometimes enough is enough

  • Enough of not having clarity on how to quit your day job
  • Enough of not having online business friends that you’ve bonded with 
  • Enough of not having someone to help hold you accountable in your business 

Do you dream of finding a community of creative entrepreneurs that get you and your business?

And help you to make it better faster? 


...the three-month mentoring program that takes you from lonely creative unhappy in your cubicle to supported creative entrepreneur with a plan to hand in your two-week notice.

Bi-weekly group calls

Tribe Calls is centered around bi-weekly calls with all the Tribe Members. During the calls, tribe members get a chance to be in the hot-seat. That’s where we take time to dedicate all of our energy to you and your business.

Bi-weekly coworking sessions

On non-call weeks, we will hop on a video chat and commit to crossing off one thing from your mountainous to-do list!

Private 1-on-1s

VIP Members have access to 3 60-minute 1-on-1 calls throughout the program while non-VIP members have access to 1 60-minute 1-on-1.

Workbooks and fill-in-the-blank templates 

Our weekly calls are not primarily about teaching, but they are all about implementation. In order to spend more time doing work in our calls, you’ll receive workbooks, templates, and videos that we’ll use to guide our calls.

Assigned accountability partner

Between every call you will be assigned an accountability partner to help you work through that week’s materials and move forward in your business.  

Private Slack Channel

Private Slack channel to communicate with Aleia and other Tribe Members 24/7 throughout the program. 

"Great group to make sure you're going in the right direction and keeping you accountable that you're making progress. When you have a side-hustle, it's hard to make time to devote to it, especially when your full time stresses take over. Tribe Calls gave me a group that held me accountable and voice my ideas to get feedback. Aleia makes it easy to think out loud and work through the hard questions to get to the answers you need."

Amanda Worthington - Web Designer & Developer

Did someone say BONUSES?

If you're one of the first 3 to join

An additional 45-minute video chat with me, so we can pinpoint what makes the services you offer special and how to improve them to start pulling in more clients.

If you are one of the first 5 to join...

A 75-minute pricing workshop where you and other Tribe Members critique the value of your key offering (an offering that we will build together).

If you pay in full when you join, you also get your WordPress website done for you! 

When you pay in full you get your WordPress website customized with your branding and 3 pages set up (general members) and 5 pages set up (VIPs). 

If you want more intimate support, you can become a VIP!

VIPs get 3 1-on-1 calls with Aleia (instead of the 1 call general members receive).

Your investment

Hurry, prices go up February 15th


for general membership

Or 3 payments of $249



for the VIP packages

Or 4 payments of $275

Because this is an intimate program seats are limited. Applications are being accepted between now the February 20th start date.

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Who is Aleia?

My passion is helping you, dear creative, stuck at your 9 to 5, quit your day job to build the creative careers of your day dreams so you can live your passion everyday and quit commuting/travel the world/or wear leggings as pants everyday.

I help you find your next steps when you can’t decide the best way to spend your limited time building your dream career I do this while surrounding you with a community that also has kicking ass as a life goal. 

With a degree in Google (actually Creative Writing) and a Masters in Pinterest (this one is International Studies - I almost went after a power suit job people), I found the best courses and resources to teach myself web development and quit my full-time job in a year and a half. Now it’s your turn.

Frequently Asked Q's

Who is Tribe Calls for and who is it not for?  

If you are sick of being underappreciated, underpaid, and without a community of badass babes to help you through the tough days in business, Tribe Calls is for you. If you don't know who you serve or exactly what you're selling yet but want a plan to quit your job this year, fill out the application or set-up your consult call (for more questions) - you're in the right spot. 

Tribe Calls is perfect for the person who has found their industry (i.e. photography) but not their niche (i.e. wedding photography, newborn photography, or boudoir shoots). You just need to be ready to commit!

If you think, maybe I'll quit my job someday or I don't need help, I can spend the next 3 years alone in my bubble googling all the things, enjoy your journey - we're probably not the right fit for one another.  

I don’t think I have time for this?!

That’s what Tribe Calls is all about! Helping you prioritize what you’re doing so you can work on the important things in your limited amount of time. We hope you can make all of the biweekly calls, but they are not mandatory. All sessions will be recorded and provided for you to watch and rewatch after the session. 

What if I’ve never had a client?

That’s okay! We all have to start somewhere and will make this the top goal for you! 

Where will we meet and what happens if I can’t make a call? 

Our video chats will be in Zoom and all of the calls will be recorded! 

Will I be able to quit my job in three months? 

The transition from day job to full-time creative is a lot of (very rewarding) hard work. Tribe Calls is here to accelerate the process. Ask yourself this, do you think you’ll be able to quit your job in three months by continuing to do what you have been doing? If the answer is no, this program is 100% for you!