Dear Creative, you don't have to hate what you do.

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. Skip the hours on Google and grab the Starter Kit.

Being a full-time creative business owner is not just about creating awesome products for amazing clients. 

It's about figuring out what to charge them, how to brand yourself to attract the right clients, and how to finally hand in your two-weeks notice to your less-than-fulfilling full-time job.  

The Quit your Day Job Starter Kit covers all your bases so you can spend less time searching for answers and more time growing your biz and serving clients.

For $29, the kit includes over 30 pages worth of goods, including these 5 guides.

  • Find your Quit Number Worksheet + Video Tutorial 
  • Pricing as a Freelancer
  • DIYing your Visual Brand
  • DIYing your Website Checklist
  • How to Find the Best Legal Resources

Available for a limited time only. 


About Aleia

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My passion is helping you, dear creative, stuck at your 9 to 5, quit your day job to build the creative careers of your day dreams so you can live your passion everyday and quit commuting/travel the world/or wear leggings as pants everyday.  

I help you find your next steps when you can’t decide the best way to spend your limited time building your dream career I do this while surrounding you with a community that also has kicking ass as a life goal.  

With a degree in Google (actually Creative Writing) and a Masters in Pinterest (this one is International Studies - I almost went after a power suit job people), I found the best courses and resources to teach myself web development and quit my full-time job in a year and a half. Now it’s your turn.