Dear Creative stuck in the weeds … you don’t have to hate what you do.

Hi! I’m Aleia Walker, a freelance mentor. I help creatives build the careers (and lives) of their daydreams.

Do you know how to get your audience on your email list? And keet them there?

Do you know how to get your audience on your email list? And keet them there?
Grab this FREE download to learn how to create an email welcome sequence to turn strangers into the clients of your dreams.

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Are you a creative biz owner feeling frazzled with how to get through the day to day in your biz?

Is it a drag to get out of bed every morning and shuffle over to your desk/office to push pixels around knowing that there is a more perfect way to run your biz?

You’re doing the work but you don’t always feel inspired. Sometimes it feels like you’re going through the motions. Sometimes it feels like you’re just throwing darts at the wall but you really want to tap into that part of you that feels intensely drawn to the work you’re producing.

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Do you know that you can…

  • Use what you’ve already done to grow the heck out of your business?
  • Seek abundance for your biz while getting stuff done?
  • Build a tribe of business besties from anywhere in the world?
  • Loooveee Mondays? (I call them Mon-yay)

Hi, I’m Aleia! (uh-lee-yah)

I’ve taught myself new career skills and used my past experiences to fill in the blanks until I was able to quit my day job. And then I discovered the world of woo to help me get to the next level after I got the career I always wanted. I unpacked what was mysterious and found a way to make it work for me. It’s not all about manifestation, meditation, mantras and waiting on pretty things to happen. It’s about getting the work done and getting support by any means necessary.

Your vibe attracts your tribe is true AF!

If you’re looking for a tribe of kickass women who like to get ish done and want to be happy doing it, join the list for a weekly dose of sunshine.

Where are you in your creative journey?


Looking to create content that connects with your audience?

I want my audience to happy dance!

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Ready to book the clients that you want and grow your know/like/trust factor with your prospective clients?

Yasss, I am!

Contemplating a creative career and wanting to dig into some free resources?

Yep, but I need help.