Dear creative stuck at a day job … you don’t have to hate what you do.

Hi! I’m Aleia Walker, a freelance mentor and web developer, and I help creatives quit their day jobs to build the careers of their daydreams.

Ready to hand in your two-week notice in 2018?

Learn how building a community of creative entrepreneurs that get you and your business can help you draft your notice this year!

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Are you an admin, receptionist, unfulfilled cubicle-hell worker?

Is it a drag to get out of bed every morning and head into the office to push papers around knowing that there is a more perfect career out there for you?

And you’ve started doing the work.

You’ve taken the courses and watched the webinars but you still aren’t quite sure that you really know what you’re doing and need someone to talk you through the tricky parts.

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Do you know that you can…

  • Be more profitable in your creative passions now and not after learning just one more thing?
  • Cut your commute to 30 seconds by working from home?
  • Build a tribe of business besties from anywhere in the world?
  • Loooveee Mondays? (I call them Mon-yay)

Hi, I’m Aleia!

I’ve taught myself new career skills and used my past experiences to fill in the blanks, just like you are doing right now, alone in your bubble. But darling, there’s another way to do it – with a tribe. Having a circle of people who know your business pains and can cheer you on through the hard times is one of the biggest catalysts out there.

Where are you in your creative journey?

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Ready to find your people and accelerate your creative business?

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